Sonnen Eco 9.43

The Energy Supply of the Future

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • From 2.5 to 15kWh in a modular array
  • Monitor your system online
  • Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries ideal for home use
Solar Battery

9th generation sonnenBatterie

Performance founded on experience

The SonnenBatterie Eco 9.43 is a fully integrated AC coupled storage system, with the added benefit of flexible system sizes.

The Eco 9.43 has a small footprint ideal for new PV or to retrofit. It's compatible with any PV system and doesn't interrupt existing FiT payments.

The battery is optimized for self-consumption using intelligent software with a self-learning algorithm and energy use forecasting.

Outstanding Warranty and long system lifespan

10,000 cycles @ 100% DOD; round trip efficiency - 88%

Comfortable and easy control via App, internet or touch-display

Stay in Control with sonnenPortal

SonnenApp on iphone

sonnenPortal and sonnenApp allow the you to easily monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of the household 24/7 on a smart-phone or tablet wherever you are connected to the internet.

Functionality includes:

  • Detailed data on solar PV production and home consumption.
  • How much of your energy usage is being covered by your PV and storage system combined.
  • Smart plugs can also be connected to enable the homeowner to remotely switch on/off appliances.
Sonnen Eco 8 Solar Battery

Sonnen Eco 9.43 Battery Details

10 year Warranty.

2.5 to 15kwh Storage, to power your home for an entire day.

10,000 cycles 80% output warranty

Sonnen Eco 9.43 datasheet

Sonnen Batterie User Manual

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How a SonnenBatterie Improves Solar Energy

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About Sonnen GmbH

Founded in 2010 to support distributed generation and increased customer autonomy by providing energy storage solutions. Sonnen were the first company to build a fully-integrated li-ion residential energy storage system.

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