SonnenBattery Hybrid Inverter & Battery

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  • 10 Year Premium Guarantee
  • 10,000 charge cycle lifespan
  • Expandable battery storage
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Sonnen Battery Hybrid

The sonnenBatterie hybrid provides maximum cost efficiency as the system also includes the inverter for your photovoltaic system.

This eliminates the need for an external device to convert direct current (DC) from the roof into alternating current (AC) for your house. This significantly reduces the total cost of a photovoltaic system and sonnenBatterie.

The system also becomes more compact and efficient. Due to its very high efficiency, we ensure that solar power reaches your household with virtually no losses.

Sonnen hybrid diagram

System scope

Complete storage system, ready to connect.

System intelligence

Automatic increase of household energy consumption during periods of high energy generation, predictive and intelligent charging, optimization of energy usage according to daily weather data updates.

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SonnenBatterie Hybrid Inverter & Battery

10 year Warranty

5-15kWh Battery Storage

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About Sonnen GmbH

Founded in 2010 to support distributed generation and increased customer autonomy by providing energy storage solutions. Sonnen were the first company to build a fully-integrated li-ion residential energy storage system.

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