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Review 5 stars

Graham M

1st December 2021

In2gr8ted Solutions' Nick Walton (Surrey-based representative), company owner Paul, Paula, Scott & co. (installers) were all unbelievably responsive to our needs and from initial phone enquiry to installation took just over 2-weeks to deliver an awesome solution. Nick almost immediately came to prepare the company's most detailed and informative quote (compared with four others in the south of England including a supplier nominated by local authority). As their name implies, we needed an integrated solution - solar panels, large in-house battery and Zappi car charger - which only they seemed genuinely qualified to deliver. Price was an important consideration but more importantly we wanted a quality installation by a reputable installer and as soon as possible. We definitely made the right decision and already, on 2 or 3 reasonably sunny days in late November with low sun angle against our 30 degrees SSW roof and only from 0800-1530, we are seeing ample free electricity for home use and our 40-50 miles per day of EV car use / charging with a small amount going to the grid. Given rising energy (and grid exporting prices), not to mention gas and petrol shortages, we expect significant short-term payback and certainly believe the system will enhance the value of our home. Hence, would recommend anyone considering taking advantage of latest solar and battery technology should check what In2gr8ted offers.

Steve Cole

29th November 2021

My neighbour had solar and recommended them to us. Within a few days Nick came around and clearly outlined proposals and quoted a price in a way which everyone understood. Three weeks later a team arrived to install. Our house is far from conventional but Paul, Scott and Josh were brilliant and worked around some potential challenges. Like my neighbour, I would highly recommend them as a company.

Greg Strachan

25th November 2021

Mark in sales at In2gr8ted Solutions Ltd worked with me to get the correct system for my needs and supplied in-depth technical knowledge on their flexible offerings. A Solar and battery combo. Once agreed, Paul C arranged a survey within a couple of days to confirm roof surface area, done by Ben, a polite and experienced third party surveyor. This happened well within their 14 day cancellation period, if the contract needed to be altered. 2 weeks later, Scott, Paul (another Paul) and Josh fitted the system in one day. They worked very hard and left a working system. They were a good lot. Paula (not a type-o, but another Paul-a), helped ensure the online systems were working and recording the solar production and confirmed the completion. The system has just filled the battery with energy on a sunny (winter’s) day. Thank you all at In2gr8ted Solutions Ltd. A very happy customer!

Lesley Harris

21th October 2021

Fantastic installation the guys were so helpful and friendly, I’d have no hesitation in recommending their services. Thank you to Paul and his team 👍

Stephen Williams

10th June 2021

From the beginning to completion, IS were attentive, professional and prompt. The process was not without problems but they were resolved very quickly and to my complete satisfaction - though, annoyingly, the scaffold was left erected for two weeks after the PV array was finished


6th April 2021

I had Solar panels, two Inverters and a battery installed by in2gr8ted Solutions the installation being completed on the 7th April 2021; it is working well. The Sales Executive was knowledgeable helpful and competent spending an hour and a half in my garage explaining everything to me without complaint in sub-freezing temperatures (Covid regulations prevented him coming indoors). A man also with a nice demeanour, not at all pushy. Pre-contract my detailed technical questions were answered quickly and competently before I had paid a penny. Post contract the firm is proving to be just as efficient providing installation certificates and other paperwork quickly enabling me to register with an energy provider to secure my Smart Energy Guarantee (facilitating payment for excess power generated). I researched Solar installations very carefully before placing my order having no previous knowledge of these systems, I found the Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems (2nd Edition -the latest) most informative. I checked out the equipment to be used and the firm both of which stood up well to scrutiny. The installers were a competent team who worked well and hard together with good humour even when encountering some problems and delay. They paid attention to my requests and installed the system accordingly confirming those requests did not adversely affect the installation. I made a good decision contracting with this firm, be careful others I contacted were in my opinion clearly not in the same league, you get what you pay for.

Dave Elliott

16th Mar 2021

After doing a ton of research and getting lots of quotes I decided to go for In2gr8ted solutions to do my installation and I could not have been more pleased with the product and installation from start to finish. After recieving extremely comprehensive and technical descriptions of how the whole system works (Mark Woollaston...thank u!!!), I then had a survey done by Ben before the team arrived on the day (On time) to carry out the installation. The team fitted the system in a record time (Started at 9am finished at 2pm) and were able to meet my exact requirements in terms of hiding cables behind cavities and basically fitting everything in a very professional and proficient manner. Now the system has been fitted for a few weeks I could not be more pleased. I am effectively self sufficient in producing electricity (and storing it) on average generating 15kw of energy a day (I have produced 240kw since the installation about 3 weeks ago and only imported less than half that amount from the grid). I have no doubt that as soon as I have changed my energy tariff with Octopus that I will start to benefit from the exported energy as well). Ok ...Id like to finish by saying that the personal service I have been given by the whole team...admin, survey, technical, fitters and from the boss of the company Paul...who called to check I was completely sattisfied.....has been absolutely first class!!! I will be using this company again to install an EV charger and to add to my battery storage capacity in time. If you are thinking of going solar then....USE THIS COMPANY! The other quotes I recieved were way over the top and in some cases they did not recommend the right solution for my home...Int2gr8ted solutions did so.... 100%.... and thats why I went with them. I have never written a review or given feedback but the quality of this service fully deserves this 5* review.

Naomi Meeks

9th Feb 2021

I spoke to many companies getting quotes for solar and battery storage and then spoke with Mark Wollaston, he has an honest approach and answered all my questions in a very knowledgeable way. I didn’t feel pressured by him and that was really important to me. He and Paul really are experts and I would highly recommend using this company. The Installation team was punctual and they left the place clean and tidy.

Dan Watkins

9th Feb 2021

Got a good recommendation for batteries and a voltage optimiser from Mark at In2gr8trd. The team installed the kit promptly and efficiently and I'm very happy with the GivEnergy equipment and website. Happy to recommend!

John Fuller

1st Dec 2020

We had Nick Walton around who was friendly and amenable to our questions and worked with us on any changes to our needs. We discussed the many options for solar panels and battery backup. We selected an option of a mix of of products suggested and from our own investigations. After a number of various options reviewed we settled on a quote that was very competitive. The solar world is a learning curve, but if you know anyone who has solar, you will discover that they are more than happy in advising on options. There are also plenty of YouTube videos on the topic, especially if you are contemplating getting solar to compliment an EV purchase. The installation did take longer than initially thought, but some of that was outside of their control due to battery stocks during COVID situation. But that did not stop Scott doing a good neat job.

My advice for anyone would be ask as many questions as you can to Nick, if he does not know the answer he will get one for you or the owner of In2gr8ted, Paul, will talk it through with you, which was very helpful. Sometimes the hardest thing is to not know the questions you should ask at the time, which is why it is worth talking to people who have had it done and do your homework. I chose In2gr8tedsolutions as they are a small British company, but with years in the industry with all the right credentials and who answer the phone or come back to you when you have a question and you are not passed from pillar to post, as with some of the larger companies that are in this field. Support the small companies as they are what make this country great. It is also important to have the right memberships that show Profesional competence such as MCS, Heist and that deal with Building Regulation issues all for you and receive the right warranties afterwards. In2gr8tedsolutions did all that for me. I would use them again.

Susan Humphrey

27th Oct 2020

Great experience from start to finish, Nick Walton our salesman was professional, answered all question, fitters of panels were polite and the end result was neat and tidy. Recommend getting the bird protection.

Sandeep Kumar

23rd Jun 2020

Had solar panels fitted almost 8 months ago, very happy with the quick service, very friendly, in depth knowledge, and would certainly recommend

Darren Garside

21st Mar 2020

Just had a complete 4.6kw solar array/PV and battery system fitted by Paul and his team after looking at multiple companies. Was really looking at Sunpower solar panels with a Tesla battery system, so look at approved/certified installers for both Sunpower and Tesla. Tesla in particular are very particular on training/certification. Had a good experience with Mark their sales person and was very responsive to the different options/quotes I wanted. As with all sales people he did follow up, but with an honest two way approach I had a good experience dealing with him. Paul Cafferty the company owner came to do the survey and was detailed in his approach, answering all our concerns (not with the company but just solar/implementation in general) giving us confidence in their approach. He fully checked all aspects of the installation, with detailed inspection of the loft and we knew exactly what was expected of us for the installation day. The installation team was made up of Paul and two further engineers (Scott/Paul) for the first day and they did a fantastic job, with a great sense of humour between them all. The installation was a very tidy one with no external wiring, bring the wiring down in a really clean way from the loft of the house. Panels look really well aligned and fitted, and look well on the roof. Following installation of the panels you could tell they had been outside the house, and any tiles cracked were all replaced with no hassle or concern. Scott/Paul finished off the installation on the second morning (extended due to battery system taking a little longer) and the system worked fantastic without no problems or any sign of concern from my part (I work with large automation systems, so used to quality installations). No problems or concerns through any part of the installation, and although they had to accommodate some challenges (pipes in the way etc), they did it with a calm and considered approach. Ended up going with Sunpower for the panels and GivEnergy for the 16kw battery solution (instead of Tesla) as it gave similar operation but with additional capacity. I can now run from 5pm through to the morning (sun rise) without any major use of the grid. Overall really nice team, lead by an honest and open owner who even was happy to discuss previous negative review without prejudice. Would certainly recommend to family/friends and anyone reading this review. BTW, I have no relationship or link to Paul and the company in any way.

John Storry

14th Mar 2020

The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Kam Chan

17th Mar 2020

Building an extension to our house, so the old solar panels had to be taken down. When the extension roof was finished, we looked around having the panels put back up. Had a quote from a local solar company and they wanted £6k to use the old panels with 2 new invertors because he says it works better in 2 strings. A few more companies wanted to sell me a new system panels and invertor, with quite starting around £5k. As we are on the original feed in tariff, it's worth a lot of money so with keeping. I heard about individual diode panels which works independently when I visited the New build centre in Swindon. Web search and solar edge came up, rang them and explained the situation, they said I can't replace the panels as I see fit, they can only be replaced if one failed. This is the conditions from the feed in tariff. Did some research and they were correct as energy provider can say no and cancel the feed in tariff contract. We agreed on a price to add 17 Solar edge optimizer and a new invertor. The work took longer than originally quoted, and the price went up a couple of hundreds of pound, the reason being they wanted to use rubber tiles for footing as the concrete tiles can and do crack. I do see where they are coming from, but it could have been mentioned beforehand. This is the only reason why they didn't get a 5 stars. Back to the solar edge optimizers, they work great, in the one month and half we had it, the system has generated over £160, as opposed to the £120ish we used to get for the Xmas quarter. Would I recommend the solar edge system? 100% I would. Would I recommend In2gr8ted? 90%, wish they had done a site survey beforehand and mentioned the advantages of rubber tiles, rather than on the day of installations, although we didn't have to use the rubber tiles but it would delay installation as well as potential damage to tiles. To say the truth we would probably would have gone for those anyway.

Trevor Sweetman

Jul 15, 2019

From the moment I first met Steve to the fitting by Scott and his team to the final paperwork by Paula the whole process has been exceptional. I would recommend In2gr8ted Solutions without hesitation. FIRST CLASS !

Henley Masters

Jul 17, 2019

The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

LovingSmile UK

Jul 10, 2019

We had solar panels fitted to our dental surgery by In2gr8ted Solutions, they were outstanding throughout the process. Steve Harris, Assessor / Surveyor handheld us through the maze of systems available and Paul, with his team carried out the installation with tremendous skill and care. Look no further, these guys are head and shoulders, above the rest and come highly recommended.

Cagdas Duman

May 17, 2019

Did a fantastic job setting up my solar and powerwall set up! Thrilled with the work they've done and were always helpful and communicated well the whole time! Will definitely be recommending them to any one interested in any of the services they offer! Thanks again!

Chris Wooff

Mar 25, 2019

In2gr8ted Solutions were helpful at the stage where we considering solar energy. There were a couple of issues along the way which they dealt with smoothly and effectively. The finished work looks good and in the first 3 days we have generated 78kWh!

Kiran Chitrapu

Feb 17, 2019

The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

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