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How to Maximise your Solar Power Usage

You don’t always generate your solar energy when you need it, you may be out at work all day.

When you first get a solar PV system you can change a few habits to maximise the self-consumption of free electricity.

Here are some ideas of things you can do:

Try charging laptops, mobile phones and tablets during the day:

Item Power Used (watts)
Tablet (charge)10W
Smart phone (charge)2.5-5W

These are low draw items and charging them during daylight hours will be fine under most circumstances.

charging cables

Set higher energy use appliances to use a timer during the day:

Item Power Used (watts)
Dishwasher 1050-1500W
Washing machine 1200-3000W
Tumble Dryer 2000-3000W
Electric Oven 2000-2200W
Immersion heater 3000W
Robot speaking

The key is to try and spread the use of these devices throughout the day so your solar energy generation matches your current energy consumption.

For example, if you are currently generating 3000W (3kW) of solar electricity, you should not use your washing machine and electric oven at the same time. Using them one after the other would mean that you use more free solar energy and not draw from the grid.

Best Energy Usage

This video from Energy Saving Trust Scotland has some great advice on how to best use your solar energy.

Use dishwasher during day

Consider storing the energy for later use

You could use a solar storage battery that will charge up during the daylight hours with electricity that would normally be sent to the grid. This leaves you free to use it when you want. Solar batteries are available in a range of capacities to suit different consumption levels.

If you have an immersion heater there are systems available to use your surplus solar energy to heat a tank of hot water such as a Solar iBoost.

solar battery storage

Other tips:

Remember, leaving devices on Standby instead of switching them off still draws electricity and can account for up to 10% of a household’s electricity bill.

If you haven’t had solar panels installed yet and your roof space faces East & West you may be able to maximise your PV usage by having more panels installed on the West facing roof if you are out at work all day. This means that you will generate more energy in the afternoon/early evening when you are in to use it.

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