Upgrade to SolarEdge

Get the most out of your existing solar power system and a 20-year warranty.

Get the latest cutting edge inverter technology and make your system ready for battery storage

Solar Upgrade

SolarEdge Upgrades

Protect your Investment

Do you have an existing Solar PV system installed on a string inverter that's more than a few years old? Then this is the perfect solution for you!

Points to Consider

  • Your existing inverter may only have come with a 5-year warranty.
  • You may have to replace your inverter 2 or 3 times at your own cost.
  • The company who fitted your original solar panels may not be in business now.
  • Unmaintained systems can lead to reduced output.
SolarEdge Inverter Upgrade
solar investment

A Better Way to Protect your Investment

  • Upgrade the engine running your system.
  • Increase and optimise your generation by up to 20%.
  • Monitor the performance of each panel online.
  • 20-year warranty on SolarEdge inverter.
  • 25-years warranty on Power Optimisers.
  • Payback within 2/3 years.
  • Battery add-on options including SonnenBatterie and GivEnergy.

What you get

  • New, high-efficiency SolarEdge Inverter.
  • Power optimiser for each panel, making them work independently.
  • Online generation monitoring.
  • Warranty extension to cover your upgrade for the next 20-years.
  • Removing & Cleaning all panels.
  • Scaffolding.

How solar monitoring works

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