The Smart Export Guarantee

  • Sell your excess solar power to the highest bidder
  • Add to your solar savings
  • Guaranteed by UK law
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Guaranteed Payments

Electricity Companies Must pay you for your Solar Energy.

The Smart Export Guarantee is a Government initiative that makes electricity companies pay small-scale, low-carbon generators for solar electricity exported to the National Grid.

You do not have to receive Smart Export payments from your present electricity supplier. You can apply to any electricity supplier that is large enough to offer the scheme. That means you can sell your excess electricity to the highest bidder. You may receive a different payment rate if you aren't a customer of the selected company.

The SEG came into force on 1 January 2020. You may not claim SEG if you already receive a Feed-In tariff payment.

How much money will I receive from the Smart Export Guarantee?

Below is a list of electricity companies that must, by law, offer a Smart Export tariff.

Updated August 2023

Energy SupplierTariff Name & LinkPaid per kWh
Octopus Energy Outgoing Fixed 15p
Centrica/British Gas Export and Earn Plus 15p
Scottish Power Smart Export Variable 12.0p
Bulb Export Payments 5.57p
EDF Export + Earn 5.6p
E.On Fix & Export Exclusive V1 5.5p
So Energy Smart Export Tariff 5p
OVO OVO SEG Tariff 4.0p
SSE Smart Export Tariff 3.5p
Shell Energy SEG Tariff 3.5p
Utilita Smart Export Tariff 3.0p
Utility Warehouse UW Smart Export Guarantee 2p

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