Solar Accessories

  • Get more from your solar install
  • Make a solution unique to your requirements
  • Optimise savings
  • Increase home efficiency even further
Solar Accessories

Make More from your Solar Install

Why not maximise all that energy being generated or make life easier with energy management products? Direct excess energy to appliances in the house that need it or even the immersion heater. How about having a device that shows you if you are generating more than you are using?

We have a full range of accessories and add-on products that will save you even more money from your Solar installation!

Zappi EV charger

Zappi V2 Car Charger

Intelligent Charging

This EV charger is cleverer than the average car charger.

Solar iBoost Unit and Clamp

Solar iBoost

Heat your water for Free.

Divert excess solar energy to your immersion tank. Giving you a free tank of hot water.

Click to see more details and features.

Nuvision Optivolt voltage optimiser

Voltage Optimiser

Save avg 15% on your Energy Costs.

Use a voltage optimiser to step down the incoming voltage to reduce the power consumption of electrical appliances.

Boiler controller unit

Energy Saver Boiler Controller

Reduce the running cost of your boiler

The Energy Saver Boiler Controller offers you a cost-effective solution to help you reduce the running cost of your boiler by up to 25%.

Owl Intuition

Owl Intuition

Solar PV monitoring

Allows monitoring of the PV generation, export and overall consumption of a property with solar panels.

K2 Solar Mounting Systems

Mounting Options

Panels where you want them

With our range of alternative mounting options. We can install the panels wherever you want them.

GSE Integrated Roof

GSE Integration

In-roof panel installation

The most aesthetic way to install your solar panels.

Making the most of your Solar Installation

With a few changes to the way you do things, you can maximise the returns and savings from your solar PV system.

These accessories help make the most out of your system and use more of the free electricity you produce rather than sending it back to the national grid.

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