Combined EV Charger & Inverter

The World's first 2-in-1 charger and inverter

  • Combine solar and Grid electricity for fast charging
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Control with an easy to use APP
SolarEdge EV Car Charger

SolarEdge EV Charger & Inverter

The SolarEdge EV charging inverter integrates seamlessly with the SolarEdge online monitoring platform. You can track your charging status, control vehicle charging and set charging schedules. Monitoring features include:

  • Smart-scheduling for use with Time of Use rates — charge from the grid during off-peak hours
  • Track solar, EV, and grid consumption - control your household energy usage
  • You can turn charging on and off using the app
  • View charging duration, charge energy, and solar charge status

SolarEdge EV charger User Manual

Solaredge EV Charger

SolarEdge EV Charging Benefits

Key Features

  • Combines solar and grid power for EV charging up to 2.5 times faster than a typical mode-2 charger
  • Optimise use of your solar energy
  • Designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers
  • Record-breaking 99% efficiency and high reliability
  • Built-in, module-level monitoring
  • Advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection
  • Flexible selection of charger cable types and lengths

About SolarEdge

SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The SolarEdge direct current (DC) optimized inverter system maximizes power generation at the individual PV module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system.

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