Solar PV Systems

Generating solar power is one of the safest and best investments you can make. UK Government incentives offer guaranteed payments for all the electricity you produce from installing solar panels, even if you use it yourself. These payments are called The Feed in Tariff and they're guaranteed for 20 years. Most systems are paid back within 9 years.

  • Generate free electricity
  • Store solar energy to use at night
  • 20 years of Government incentives
  • Average system payback in less than 9 years

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New Finance Options

Finance banner 120 months

We can now offer 5.9% Finance and Buy Now Pay Later Options on our solar installations.

Select the option that suits you best from 36 to 120 months. It's a simple process that has same day approval.

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All of our Figures are Validated by


EPVS is an independent validation company that approve solar PV installer's methods and figures when giving estimates on how much solar energy you will generate.

You can be sure that we are both honest and accurate.

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Solar Panels

We only offer the BEST products at affordable prices in our solar installations. They give you the greatest return on investment in all conditions.

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Solar Batteries

Storing the energy produced from a Solar PV system has become increasingly important in order to maximise renewable energy usage.

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System Upgrades

Get more energy out of your existing system by upgrading to a SolarEdge inverter and power optimisers.

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Not all Solar Panels are Equal

We have been installing solar PV systems for over 7 years and we have used that knowledge to select a range of panels that are the best in their class.

We offer products and systems that have the highest efficiency ratings available. This gives you the biggest returns possible on your investment.

We have installed well over 2000 solar pv systems across the UK. All of our installations receive Feed-in Tariff scheme payments that will pay for your system over time.

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Solar Panels and Inverter
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Best Sellers

Solar Upgrade Kit

Upgrade Your Solar

Make more energy with your existing Solar

If you have had solar panels installed for more than 4 years it may be time to consider a partial upgrade.

Old inverters are unreliable and most only come with a 5 year warranty. Our new SolarEdge inverters with power optimisers have a 20 year warranty.

Sunpower Solar

Sunpower & SolarEdge

A Highly Efficient Combination

Sunpower 327w panels are amongst the highest efficiency panels available. They are made to the highest standards.

Coupling them with a SolarEdge inverter will give you guaranteed high efficiency solar generation for 20 years.

Tesla Powerwall battery

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

Use Solar Power at Night

Storing solar energy to use at night is fast becoming the norm.

Tesla have created a domestic battery that will deliver your solar electricity through the night and the early hours of the day.

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