Sunpower and Enphase Batteries

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Sunpower Maxeon 6

All Maxeon cells benefit from the added benefit feature of built-in Enphase Microinverters on each panel. Working together to produce a top-spec AC module.

Features at a Glance

  • High Efficiency
  • AC module = safer
  • Uncompromising reliability
  • 25-year inverter Warranty
  • 40-year Product Warranty
  • 40-year Power Warranty
  • 40-year Service
  • 0.25% degradation

Enphase Battery

Enphase batteries store excess solar energy during the day, providing clean, power whenever you need it. This ensures you maximize your self-reliance and reducing dependence on the National Grid.


  • High-Efficiency Micro inverter
  • One inverter per panel
  • 25-year industry leading inverter warranty
  • Panel level in-depth monitoring
  • Whole AC Solution increased safety
  • IQ5P 5kWh Battery
  • Industry-leading 15-year Battery Warranty
  • Grid Backup feature (additional equipment required)

Sunpower panels with Enphase batteries

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