Solar iBoost

Save £185 per year on Water Heating.

  • Simple to use
  • Works with your existing hot water system
  • Compact Size
Solar Accessories

A High Tech Solution

Use your excess Solar PV energy to heat a tank of water via your immersion heater FOR FREE. Cut the cost of heating your water and still get paid for solar energy. You save on average £185 per year on top of the savings you already make from your solar panels.

  • Maximise the use of your free solar energy
  • Cut the costs of heating your water
  • Reduce the use of your boiler

Easily Integrate with your Existing System

Solar iBoost fits quickly and neatly into your airing cupboard and wirelessly receives information from a sender device that activates water heating.

solar iboost control panel

Full Control

Solar iBoost gives you complete control of your hot water generation. There is a 7-day timer built-in with 2-times per day. If you need hot water with little notice, you can use the Boost Switch, giving you greater control.

The Benefits of a Solar iBoost

About Marlec

As a long established renewable energy company Marlec saw the requirement for a simple and reliable product to enable households to self consume more of their own power generation, we launched the renowned Solar iBoost in 2013 which became one of the best selling PV accessories in the UK market.

Solar iBoost diverts excess energy generated by a grid connected PV system to the immersion heater to provide free hot water and off-set the cost of heating the water by gas or electricity. Solar iBoost is extremely popular with installers and the public alike, who can maximise the benefit of their PV investment.

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