Geo Solo III Monitor

Increased Energy Savings

  • Simple to use colour screen
  • Works with any Solar PV Installation
  • Compact Size
Solar Accessories

Total Control

The Geo Solo III is a PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED SYSTEM and delivers some great benefits; meter accurate information on generation, import and export and household consumption of your solar energy.

This intelligent unit tells you the best time to switch on appliances (based on precise export levels) increasing your savings from your solar PV.

Easy to Use

The easy to read full colour display shows when you are importing and when you are exporting electricity.

You can keep track of your Feed-in tariff earnings and energy savings by using your generated energy and deeming amounts.

The simple online service gives you both live and historic information via a smart-phone, tablet or computer.

The Geo Screen in Detail

GEO III detail

About GEO

Green Energy Option

Being smarter with energy means bringing the elements together: smart metering, micro generation and heating controls. This doesn’t mean that we need to build meters, solar panels and boiler systems. It does mean that we need to be able to collate the data, integrate the controls and make it all easily accessible to users. Our vision is to create the user interface for the Hybrid (energy) Home.

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