Solar In-Roof

GSE Integration

  • Flush with the tiles of your roof
  • The best aesthetic available
  • Compatible with most roof types
  • Certified and complient solution
Solar Accessories

Why GSE?

GSE Integrated is an innovative solution to mounting solar panels flush with the tiles of your roof. It utilises "Trays" that accommodate the panel and have water and cable management built-in.

This option is best suited for customers that are having a new roof fitted but can be retrofitted to any roof.

Good Looking

When replacing tiles or slates, the GSE In-Roof System provides the best aesthetic integration of solar panels in roofs. It gives a sleek and subtle appearance when compared to normal solar PV rails.

Reliable and Strong

  • The GSE In-Roof System has been designed to offer the same weather resistance and longevity as roof coverings like concrete tiles or slates.
  • The mechanical resistance is compatible with all snow and wind zones:
    • Downward pressure: 5400 Pa (IEC 61215)
    • Upward pressure: up to 5500 Pa (NF EN 12179)
    • Eurocode design values: Snow: 1800 Pa, Wind: 1700 Pa
  • GSE Integration benefits from the know-how of its parent company TERREAL which consolidates over 150 years of experience and expertise in the manufacture of tiles.

In-Roof Installs

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About GSE

Since 2010, GSE Int├ęgration has been designing, manufacturing and distributing photovoltaic panel fastening and integration systems. Born within the Groupe Solution Energie, GSE Int├ęgration has developed an innovation culture based on the on-the-ground needs of solar professionals and users.

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