Voltage Optimiser

Increase energy savings even further

  • Install and forget
  • Works with your existing solar PV system
  • Lower your energy consumption 10 - 20%
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The OptiVolt Solution

The UK has a Voltage tolerance of 230v +10%/-6%. The acceptable voltage range in the UK is between 216v and 253v, although it is more often around the 240-245v zone. A voltage optimiser keeps the voltage to a consistent 230v.

OptiVolt 100

The OptiVolt 100 is a full-load 100 voltage optimiser. With no need for a by-pass, the units cope with full domestic and small commercial loads. Three tappings allow the installer to select the correct reduction for the incoming supply, maximising savings. PV can be operated through this unit Simple to install and maintain.

Tried and Tested

Designed to achieve payback in the quickest possible time. This tried and tested design offers a good potential for savings. Most commonly used for domestic supplies and small industrial applications where initial capital outlay is the prime concern.

  • Reduces Energy Consumption by 10 to 20%
  • Extends the life of most electrical products
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Increases the Capacity of the Supply
  • Reduces harmful surges that can knock out sensitive equipment
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • 3 Tappings of 4%, 6%, 9%
NuVision Optivolt 100 60

Voltage Optimiser Details

  • OptiVolt Input Voltage 230-254V
  • Output Voltage 100A
  • Power Rating 24KVA
  • OptiVolt Width 207mm
  • OptiVolt Length370mm
  • OptiVolt Depth 220mm

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