Solar Batteries

  • Become more self sufficient
  • Use more of the electricity you produce from your solar panels
  • Solar power at night!
  • Guaranteed for at least 10 years
Solar Battery

Our Range of Solar Batteries


QCELLS Q.Home Battery

6.8kWh-20.4kWh storage

A cutting-edge energy storage solution designed to revolutionize how we power our homes.

Enphase IQ battery

Enphase IQ Battery

5kWh-20kWh storage

Expandable for both larger capacity and output.

GivEnergy All-in-One Battery

GivEnergy All-in-One

7.2kW Output

A powerful and versatile home battery that can help you save money on your energy bills.

SolarEdge Energy Bank

SolarEdge Energy Bank

10kWh storage

A Large capacity battery, optimised for use with SolarEdge inverters.

GivEnergy AC Battery

GivEnergy 8.2 - 34.8kWh

Reduce Global Carbon

GivEnergy's mission is to reduce global carbon pollution.

Huawei Luna Battery

Huawei Luna 5-15kWh

The Smart Battery

Huawei batteries have a 100% Depth of Discharge.


Fox ESS 2.6 - 20.48kWh

Affordable Technology

A great affordable and scalable battery option.

Soltaro ESS Battery

Soltaro 5-10kWh

Sleak design - AC or Hybrid options

Soltaro have become a big name in global battery storage.

Solax Triple Power Battery

Solax Triple Power 4.5-6.3kWh

Great value per kWh

SolaX have created their latest range of batteries with proven technology.

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