JA 310w Smart Module Panels

  • SolarEdge Power Optimisers built-in
  • Works directly with SolarEdge Inverters
  • No need for additional equipment.
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Smart Solar

A better system

JA Smart Modules contain electronics from SolarEdge to achieve module-level diagnostics, maximum energy harvest through power optimization and decreased safety hazards. Integration of the module optimizer into the junction box creates a balanced system and a more efficient system.

  • Maximised energy harvest
  • Safer Solar
  • Greater installation options

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System Architecture

JA smart system components work together with the inverter to maximize energy harvest. JA smart modules can communicate by electrical line, allowing users to monitor system performance in real time.

JA Smart module Diagram

JA 310w Smart Module Panel

JA 310w Smart Module Panels

12 year product Warranty 

25 year performance Warranty 

310w Output

Highly Durable

17.12% Efficiency

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About JA Solar

JA Solar is a World leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation.

Founded in May 2005 JA Solar is now the World’s top cell producer and has established itself as a leading module supplier.

JA Solar is committed to provide products with unparalleled efficiency, yield and reliability to enable customers to maximize the returns of their rooftop solar.

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