Sunpower 327w Panels

30 Years of solar innovation on your roof

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Solar Panels that Work Hard

If you are going to invest in solar power, why not have the best? SunPower solar panels are designed to wake up earlier, produce more power and turn off later in the day than other solar panels.

You can make the most of abundant solar energy and the great savings it brings.

More Power
25 Yr
Product Warranty

Produce More energy per Square Metre

SunPower panels convert more sunlight to electricity by producing 20% more power per panel and 60% more energy than conventional panels over 25 years.

The graph below shows how SunPower panels do not degrade as much as other panels over time. Keeping the output of your panels at its best for 25 years or more.

These are the best panels you can have on your roof right now and we are pleased to be an approved installer for Sunpower.

sunpower graph000510152025SunPower E-SeriesConventional25-Year Energy Production / WattYears50%60%70%80%90%110%100%120%35% more,year 258% more, year 1000020%More EnergyPer Rated Watt

40 Years Useful Life

Because Sunpower panels degrade much slower than other panels they have a longer "Useful Life". This is defined as 99% of panels working at 70% of their original output. Panels that are running at 70% are still regarded as having a good return.

Industry's Best Combined Power and Product Warranty

SunPower gives you a 25-year warranty as efficient and dependable as their solar panel technology. In the unlikely event that you have an under-performing solar panel, they repair or replace the panel and reinstall it on your home. Their customer service team is always ready to assist you.

CoveredSunPower panels
Covers removal of bad panel?
Covers shipping?
Covers new panel installation?
Product warranty term 25 years
Sunpower 327w Solar Panel

Sunpower 327w Panels

25 year product warranty 

327w Output

Highly Durable

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Solar PV SunPower 327w

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The Sunpower Advantage

About SunPower

Sunpower's solar panel technology is only the beginning. SunPower innovates relentlessly to deliver some of the most advanced products, solutions and progressive sustainability practices. Their fully integrated approach to systems are changing the future of energy both domestically and commercially.

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