Alpha ESS Battery

  • 10 Year Battery Warranty
  • 2.9 to 17.4kWh energy storage
  • 96% depth of discharge
  • Lithium Ion batteries for reliability
Solar Battery

Alpha ESS Storage Batteries

Modular battery
Intelligent control
Long lifespan
Essential load protected

SMILE B3 the AC Solution

The Smile-B3 is Alpha's retro-fit AC battery solution. The battery inverter and battery come in one compact module. This low maintenance battery has a 10-year warranty, giving you great value for money.

This option is best for retro-fitting. As it is a single unit, there is less wiring and less space. The battery and inverter combined are a 2.9kwh system. Adding extra 2.9kwh battery packs increase capacity up to 17.4kwh.

SMILE5 Hybrid Battery

This Hybrid system also includes a solar inverter. It has a higher 5kw output and has a built-in backup box in case of power cuts.

This option is best for new installations or when you come to replace your old inverter.


  • Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types
  • Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC or DC coupled)
  • German design, superb performance and long lifespan
  • Multiple operation modes are available
Alpha ESS Solar Battery

Alpha ESS Battery Details

10 Year Battery Warranty

2.9 to 17.4kwh Storage, to power your home for an entire day, or more.

SMILE-B3 AC Battery datasheet

SMILE-B3 AC Battery Manual

SMILE5 Hybrid Battery datasheet

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AlphaESS is one of the World's leading energy storage solutions and service providers. The company specializes in the residential and commercial market, aiming to deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions.

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