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Triple Power

The new Triple Power high-voltage battery solution is designed and manufactured in partnership with SolaX. Triple Power offers 4.5 & 6.3kWh capacities. Each battery can be installed in series with up to 3 more batteries of the same size to make a more powerful array.

The triple power has a 6000 cycle lifespan and 10-year warranty, making it a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

  • IP55 protection level
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Small occupied area
  • Floor or wall mounting

SolaX Cloud App

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Monitor your battery online

Monitor your PV production and view your current generation all in one place. The SolaX app goes everywhere with you.

SolaX Triple Power Solar Battery

SolaX Triple Power Battery Details

10 year Warranty.

4.5 to 6.3kwh Storage, to power your home for an entire day.

6,000 cycles warranty

SolaX Triple Power datasheet

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About SolaX

A company lead by innovation that is based on research, SolaX Power is proud to be affiliated with the Zhejiang University, currently ranked third amongst the best universities in China and home to the only national key silicon material laboratories in China’s Silicon Valley.

With this level of investment and innovation, SolaX products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest global standards. Proudly supported by 16 international offices with 24-hour, 7 days per week online service, our products are exported to 47 countries via 200 distribution channels.

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