Tesla Powerwall 2

Battery Storage for a Sustainable Home

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Solar Battery

Next Generation Tesla Battery

The Powerwall 2 is a storage battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening.

Automated, compact and simple to use, the Powerwall 2 enables you to maximise self-consumption of your solar power generation.

The Powerwall 2 is a storage battery for homes and small businesses that delivers clean, reliable solar electricity when the sun isn’t shining. If you combine a Powerwall battery, solar panels and an electric vehicle you can create a zero-emission lifestyle.

A Complete Energy Solution

Some home batteries are bulky, expensive to install and expensive to maintain. In contrast, Powerwall 2's lithium ion battery inherits Tesla's proven electric vehicle battery technology to power your home safely and economically.

Use During a Power cut

The Tesla Powerwall 2 with Gateway 2 feature allows you to use your battery power during a power cut.

Long Warranty

A Liquid thermal control system regulates Powerwall’s internal temperature to maximize battery performance in any climate and give the battery longevity.

The battery comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar Battery

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Details

10 year Warranty.

13.5kwh Storage, to power your home for an entire day.

Liquid cooling, for a longer battery life.

Power: 7kW peak, 5kW continuous output.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Data sheet

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About Tesla

Founded in 2003, Tesla was set up to engineer electric cars that we just as good or better than petrol powered cars. They have produced sports cars (Roadster) and saloon cars (Model S) that have proven popular with consumers across the world.

Elon Musk became the company chairman of the board in February 2004 after a financing round and has continued to lead the company's innovative evolution.

Tesla launched their Powerwall range of solar batteries in 2015, that originally had a capacity of 6.4kWh. The Powerwall 2 more than doubles that with a capacity of 13.5kWh. Tesla also produce a range of industrial battery banks called Powerpacks that have a capacity of up to 200kWh.

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